The Doers at Think For Actions

The Platform Project is an online platform where informative and social content including current affairs is posted to further knowledge others. In an affiliation with Think for Actions, The Platform Project is an effective way to increase social interactions within the society. It targets young adults including students and other individuals. The Vision for Think for Actions is: *Empowering youth through career mentorship *Establishing an institute for research on community affairs *Developing a think tank of researchers, intellectuals and scholars The Mission for Think for Actions is: *Strengthening and empowering today’s youth *Encourage the professional development and mentoring of youth *Developing a research institute dedicated to addressing the current state of affairs

As a part of this eight-week internship, there were four Marketing and Business Development, one writer, one editor, one researcher, one web developer one Project Manager and one Project Lead for ‘Top 20 under 25′ Interns, who were delegated the task of marketing the Platform Project to increase brand recognition to make it a viable business in the long-run. At Think for Actions, we foster and encourage an environment of collaboration with one another and ensure the opportunity to excel in it as well. Along with the Platform Project, Think for Actions is hosting “Top 20 under 25’, a event to recognize Razan Al- Najjar’s commitment to helping the well-being of others. Her commitment was so great that it followed her unto her untimely death. Being shot by an Israeli soldier while aiding an injured protester qualified the act as a war crime by the standards of the Geneva Connections. To us, the act transcends that of a war crime, and is not only a crime of war, but a crime to humanity.



My name is Sandra Kadhim and I am an upper year BSc neuroscience student at the University of Calgary. Throughout my university career I have been involved in clinical neuroscience research. Starting this summer, I will be working in the Hill Lab as a summer student looking at the expression of fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH), a main metabolizing enzyme of the endocannabinoid system, in the basolateral amygdala. Increases in FAAH have been attributed with the activation of the amygdala and increases in anxiety.


Umer Hassan wants to live in a world filled with peace, books that come bundled with extra dark chocolate, flying cars and a safari park in his backyard with countless animals (particularly pandas). As a software engineer at University of Calgary, with loads of volunteer experience, he aims to create a technological hub where unfortunate have the access to resources they need, without being judged.


I am a fourth year Economics undergraduate student currently attending the University of Calgary. I will be graduating this following year and hope to pursue a career in economics and business. I am passionate about the community and am always interested in new ways to educate myself and others about relevant issues.


My name is Sumaya Jeha and I am currently a third year finance student at the Haskayne School of Business. Through my travelling and charitable work I understand the need for developing youth programming and hope to improve the cultural divide in Canada. I enjoy improving my community, reducing my carbon footprint, and spending time with friends.



My name is Tahmid Kazi and I am headed into my 4th year of Biochemical Engineering at Queen’s University. I am originally from Bangladesh and have grown up in Calgary. A few of the organizations that I am involved with at Queen’s is Engineer’s Without Borders as a Vice-president and the Queen’s Biomedical Innovation Team as well as the Global Biomedical Design Conference as a part of the Executive leadership team. I am very passionate about these organizations and the work that we do. My experience through Queen’s has motivated me to pursue a career in research and development in biomedical and pharmaceutical engineering.


My name is Sabih Rehman and I am currently completing my last semester of my Finance degree at the Haskayne School of Business. The reason why I chose Finance is due to my strong analytical, quantitative and researching skills. I plan to route towards Private Equity, Investment Banking and Finance Consulting. I am enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, hockey, basketball, and reading inspirational novels. Calgary Flames and the Oklahoma City Thunder are my favourite hockey and basketball teams respectively.


Omar Razavi is a researcher for the Calgary based organization Think for Actions. He is a third year Biological Sciences student at the University of Calgary. Prior to his involvement in Think for Actions, Razavi has held a variety of volunteer positions. Whether volunteering in the municipal election, for the feminist organization Ask Her or assisting in the welcoming of the Syrian refugees, Razavi’s care for the community has led him to opportunities in different fields. As a result, Razavi aims to bring his diverse background to assist Think for Actions in their upcoming endeavours.


My name is Abdul Rafay Samad, I’m a second year Economics and politics major at the University of Calgary. Growing up in a politically turbulent country like Pakistan, it was only natural that a develop a knack for politics and current affairs. This lead me to purse a degree in that very field. Economics is a relatively novel addition to my field of study, it wasn’t until my second semester that I took an econ course only to find that it came naturally to me. I thoroughly enjoy debating politics, my preferred subjects being comparative issues, cold war politics and enlightenment era philosophy. Aside from academics I take a keen interest in soccer with track and field coming in a close second.


My name is Dura Shawar and I am currently 19 years old. I am a third year Political Science major at the University of Calgary. I enjoy volunteering within the community, I started volunteering at the age of 13 and have since continued to do so through out the years. This has led me to becoming the head of certain councils and now the Director of Communications for a volunteering organization based in Calgary. I enjoy learning about the issues that effect the youth and the community at large as well. Politics is one of my passions and learning about how government systems work, and the decisions made by our political leaders. I aspire to be a lawyer or work in the political realm one day.

My name is Sarah Saeed, I’m a first year Education and English student at the University of Calgary. I aim to one day be a High School English teacher and activist. Currently I take a leadership role in my community volunteerism as well as by speaking out about topics that affect our world such as politics, culture, religion and society, I am also passionate about the arts and history and also love debate!