When the Heart Speaks
Have you ever felt your heart bleed 
As your eyes tear
Fall and pierce 
Your cheeks, so fierce
Ever feel like nothing more than a mere Existence 
A body with no substance
Ever feel like you’re screaming and screaming
But your voice is muted by others
Like those that need attention and salvation are not You
So once again you feel forgotten
Left in the corner 
But expected not to wander 
Your heart, body and soul exhausted 
your hope and faith now in the distance 
As you realize you may be the least priority 
Sometimes even within your own family
Ever feel thrown away
Like last weeks New York day 
Feel neglected by those supposed to build you
Ever think..
Maybe if you
 They’ll want to catch you
But wait
Your just a faint memory in this instant
What’s the difference 
As you fade away you feel this
Hatred grow
Your own self pity and sorrow
It would make you sick 
But wait. 
Maybe There’s something Your forgetting
Perhaps indeed there’s something missing
 Maybe your weakness ain’t cause of lack of love 
 It’s not because you’re  an empty bottomless pit 
But your love and fear of what’s before you and near 
Has distracted you from what’s indeed foreseen 
See there’s light at the end of your tunnel
Serenity even on the foggiest of days
At times you’ll forget 
Somedays the heart wanders
But the peace you’ll find in the ritual of prayer
 I’m telling you man, there ain’ nothing bigger 
Start with the ablution to physically cleans of sins 
Then the bending of your knees and the prostration of your limbs to your Lord
To ask for forgiveness and direction 
To submit fully with your heart body and soul 
So I know our Lord won’t forget your pain
Allah knows your strain and will not forget your name
See, when you remember Him
 He’ll remember you
When you walk to Him
He’ll run to you
These are not my words
For they are said to us by He
You can’t lose track of what is prescribed as your path
Don’t you ever look back 
For your trials are tests for you. 
And Allah tells us in the Quran
Wa innah ma3 il 3usr Yusra
This doesn’t mean after but at the same time
During difficulty Allah sends you ease 
But If your aim is to appease in very general degrees
You won’t see the Yusra,
 the ease of it all. 
All you’ll see are your burdens
So free your mind of the dunya
Open your heart to Allah 
And my word is bond your feel free.  
That’s indeed when the heart speaks