The King’s Promise

The departure of LeBron James from ‘The Land’ left some disheartened as this would mark the end of an era for the Cavaliers basketball team, as well as Cleveland sports in general. Since his departure, Lebron has mentioned in a social media post that Cleveland “Will always be home”, he stuck true to his words when he recently opened his ‘I Promise School’ which aims educate students from elementary through junior high school. Currently the school is starting with the 3rd and 4th grade and intends to add the remaining classes, from grade one to eight, by the 2022 school year.

The ‘I Promise School’ is orientated to support at risk students from LeBron’s hometown: Akron, Ohio. The highlights of this school include free tuition, uniforms, bicycles, helmets, transportation within 2 miles, breakfast, lunch, snacks, food pantry for families, GEDs and job placement services for the parents, and guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron for every student who graduates. The curriculum of the school is geared towards STEM learning and preparing the students for the future. Currently the school is accepting students who are trailing their peers by a year or two in academic performance and did a random selection of students to call.

Other unique aspects of the school include the extended school days that run from 9AM-5PM and an extended school year that will run from July to May. STEM based camps will run for 7 weeks in the summer. Students will also be provided year-round support from staff and will also dedicate part of their day to social-emotional learning and participate in a “supportive circle” after lunch, aimed to help the students increase focus towards their work.

This marks a huge step in the education system, as no other school has been established such as this one. LeBron himself was an at-risk youth, which allowed him to understand the struggle of succeeding in such an environment. Being such a prominent role model to many, the King sets an example of how importance and attention should be given to all youth and reminds them to continually strive for greatness. 

Editor: Sarah Saeed