The Addicted Addict

I know that

Addiction is a condition

When someone ingests

A substance

Or engages in an

Activity that becomes

Compulsive and interferes

With life responsibilities

It’s sad

That 25% of Americans

Are addicted to something

That’s bad

Not rad

Nor cool

Or fine

It’s more like

A crime because

It goes one then

Two then three then


Then it keeps going

Until you can

Take no more

There are many things

Out there

That you can be

Addicted to

There are drugs,

Cigars, and 8 ball pool

When you’re addicted

It’s hard to see

The world around

You and me

Addiction classifies as a


It gets all

Over your mind

Like a

Swarm of


That pushes you

Down onto

Your knees

Which makes you

Feel like a prisoner

Because you have no

Choice and

Your going

Against your will

Users are usually


That they are

Making life so unfair

Because life

As we now

Is so

Small and

Little it’s a

Waste to

Just let

Life fall

Addiction makes

Your life all


Makes it hard

To think and

Makes things

Hard to use

It’s hard to


It’s hard to


But you wont

Have too

If you never