Decline of Muslim Civilization

Muslim civilization has arguably been on a downward trajectory over the past few hundreds years starting from the decline of the Abbasid empire, the fall of Spain, the crumbling of the Mughal Empire, and the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire. The beginning of the “end” was in 1700-1800 when European imperial powers began to colonize the Muslim world. This leads us to the present day where Muslim blood seems to be cheaper than it ever was. With the invasion, destruction and destabilization of Muslim countries such as Iraq and Libya; to the butchery in Myanmar and the Central African Republic; to countless drone strikes and raids throughout countless Muslim nations. Muslims and Islam are constantly vilified and scapegoated in the media and by politicians.

 The Situation to date

There are over 57 Muslim countries in the world today. “Muslims” seem to have it all on paper. We have intellectuals, academics, professionals, and businessmen. A number of Muslim countries and individuals have large amounts of material wealth. Yet the present day situation shows “Muslims” as a “nation” afflicted and attacked from every possible angle: both internally and externally. Corruption, a lack of strong leadership, deep internal divides are just some of the ills that plague us. We seem to be stuck in a rut of frustration and disappointment with no clear path on how to move forward effectively and collectively.

The spark In Our Nation?

Muslim youth is resilient and has been fighting back reclaiming their faith, unity, and intellect. But, this spark dies off as the nation is not ready to catch fire i.e. strengthen their movement. Muslim youth has taken multiple steps in developing new organizations, volunteer groups, start-ups, charity organizations etc. they are the beacon of hope.

FIVE Characteristics That We Should Strive To Implement 

To better contribute to our nations and societies, Muslims should.

  1. Be a true Muslim – be truthful, honest, kind, compassionate and civic.
  2. Reclaim the narrative – Understand Islam and implement it in our own lives.
  3. Become a scholar – Read books, besides curriculum and Islamic literature.
  4. Become selfless – Volunteer on a daily, at least weekly basis.
  5. Contribute and teach – find how you can help and improve the society around you.

Results of the above 5 steps:

  1. Muslims will be understood by the world and what it truly means to be a Muslim.
  2. Muslims will be the best citizen, whichever country they live in and will be loyal to the land.
  3. Muslims will be united, goal oriented, tolerant to other religious sects, and be ambitious.
  4. Muslim leaders will emerge from every group and unite on common goals.
  5. Muslims will become thinkers, scholars, inventors, entrepreneurs and will contribute.
  6. Muslims will regain their lost strength, wisdom, vision and respect

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Dr. Mukarram Zaidi
Canadian Muslim Research Think Tank
Think for Actions