Living with colonial mentality and a system supporting systemic racism to protect white privilege


Press Release

June 29, 2020. Calgary, AB

Dear Prime Minister and Canadians, taking a knee is not enough. We need to stand up for justice…

Prime examples of a colonial mentality are exhibited by what the Coalition Avenir de Quebec (CAQ) government has passed in Bill 62: An Act to Foster Adherence to State Religious Neutrality on October 18 2017 and On June 16, 2019 passed the Bill 21, ‘An Act Respecting Laicity of the State’. This secularism bill will lead to label minorities, for example, Muslim females and Sikh men as second-class citizens. The bill proposes to ban the wearing of the hijab, kippah, and turban for public servants, including teachers, school administrators, Crown lawyers, police officers, correctional officers and others.

June 17, 2020, MP Allan Therrien refused to accept that systemic discrimination exists in Canada and opposed the motion to scrutinize systemic racism in the RCMP. Furthermore, leader of Bloc Québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, was in support of Therrien disagreeing to attend to racism present in our justice system. More examples of colonial mentality and white privilege. Recently, NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, was kicked out of the House of Commons for referring to MP Allan Therrien as a racist. House of Commons, MP Sheila Copps has been referred to as a “slut” by MP Bill Kempling, however no action was taken. It is disturbing to see such severe repercussions placed on Singh, when the same consequences are not presented towards someone who is not of color.

Alberta’s Health Minister Tyler Shandro exemplifies systematic racism and white privilege by rejecting the job competition for health advocates and appointing former UCP executive director Janice Harrington as a health advocate. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s speechwriter, Paul Bunner wrote the column, titled “The ‘Genocide’ That Failed,” for the online magazine C2C Journal in 2013. “In the article he wrote “bogus genocide story” of Canada’s residential school system and said Indigenous youth could be “ripe recruits” for violent insurgencies,” Elise von Scheel, CBC News. This is a prime example of colonial mentality and white privilege that disregards a cultural genocide that attempted to eradicate Aboriginal culture.

Jason Kenney’s support of Paul Bunner is a prime example of systemic racism and white privilege. Exemplifying and encouraging colonial mentality and disrespecting Aboriginal, First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. As Jason Kenney does not fire Paul Bunner, I tender my resignation from board position in Constituency office of Calgary West and leave the UCP party. As I cannot support a premier and a party that denies the effects of residential schools, disrespects Aboriginal, First Nations, Inuit and Métis people and supports colonial mentality and white privilege.Furthermore, “anyone who denies First Nations genocide and effects of residential school should have the same acknowledgement as with the denial of holocaust”, said Dr. Mukarram Zaidi.

If you agree with this letter then write to your local councillor, MLA /MPP, MP and Prime Minister to take action and pass resolution.

 What actions need to be taken to rectify the colonial mentality and white privilege? Please read my article at:
Time for Action and Resolution rather than Discussion or Debate

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