As a Conservative Muslim Leader I am ashamed of the letter published by Erin O’Toole and reject it as conservative member


Press Release
May 12, 2021. Calgary, AB

As a Conservative Muslim Leader I am ashamed of the letter published by Erin O’Toole and reject it as conservative member

As a Conservative Muslim Leader I am ashamed of the letter published by Erin O’Toole and reject the letter in principle. The letter does not represent Canadian Conservative values, rather it is a display of Judeo-Christian Zionism. Conservative leader and voters need to decide if they would like to be an extremist religious party supporting oppression, illegal occupation, apartheid state, systematic ethnic cleansing, religious oppression and mimicking the behaviour of Nasizm. Last year, Our Conservative volunteer team was successfully able to register thousands of new conservative voters for the leadership election, to all those new Conservatives this is not what we campaigned for and we are sorry for shameless and morally bankrupt statement from someone we thought was going to be a balanced and pragmatic leader taking Conservative party into mainstream Canada.

For 73 years Palestinians have lived under siege: Al-Nakba, Palestinians called it: The Catastrophe, a period of forced exile from home during the Israeli “War of Independence.” During this time Zionist forces expelled 750,000 Palestinians from their homes, committed 31 massacres and destroyed 531 Palestinian towns.

The blockade of Gaza began after the first Intifada, the Palestinian uprising of 1991. The blockade was strengthened and reinforced by Israel in January of 2006. The existence of the blockade is a violation of international law, and has turned Gaza into, quite literally, an uninhabitable area. Statistics show that 97% of all drinking water is contaminated; Sara Roy, a leader in the study of Gaza’s economy, observes, “Innocent people, most of them young, are slowly being poisoned by the water they drink”.

The recent new low of the Attack on Palestinians worshipping in Al-Aqsa and increased illegal expulsion shows the dark face of the Zionist-ultra right settler driven regime. The community of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem with a population of 167 Muslim families, currently faces illegal and inhumane eviction due to unjust laws created by the Israeli courts for Israeli settlers. East Jerusalem remains an occupied territory and the actions of the Israeli government are direct violations of the international law and basic human rights.

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, yesterday you spoke clearly about your concerns about the settlements and the evictions of Palestinians. You noted that we need to see an end to the violence, including to the violence at the Al Aqsa Mosque, which you described accurately as heart wrenching.

Chairperson of the Canadian Muslim Research Think Tank, Dr. Mukarram Zaidi said, “Israel and the IDF have blatantly violated international law by using brutal-excessive force and killing: civilians (children and women), medical personnel, journalists and people with disabilities, attacking religious places and evicting citizen in occupied land. We request Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to, continue to condemn the actions of the Israeli Defence Force, and request the International Criminal Court (ICC) to launch an investigation into the war crimes and atrocities committed by the IDF, Furthermore, It is crucial for us to support those in need, to commit to justice and return the land of Palestine to its people by restoring the original borders of 1948 and advocating for the two state solution built on peace for both.”

Actions Needed:

  1. Please send an email to: The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
    Erin O’Toole , Jagmeet Singh
  2. Do not donate to Conservative party and at the time of election remember not to vote for them, unless Erin O’Toole apologize for this letter.
  3. Boycott products from Israel as economic sanctions.
  4. Become an ambassador for Palestine, spread the word, and educate Canadian of the 73 years of occupation and systematic ethnic cleansing.

For further information and comments please contact:
Dr. Mukarram Zaidi,
Canadian Muslim Research Think Tank,
587 890 8321,