Introducing The Platform Project! An upcoming Canadian online magazine with the goal of providing a platform for individuals and community members like YOU to submit content and channel your opinions, expertise, and insights on things that matter to you. Whether it be a hard-hitting analysis on the political landscape, or addressing the next technological trend. You can submit articles on current events, fashion, technology, food, religion, or arts & culture there is a topic for every individual!

Communication is a powerful tool which can help break barriers and open doors. We want you to help us uncover the incredible breadth of talent and thinkers within our communities, share your observations on a major local event or a personal life-event, and discuss meaningful social and enterprising initiatives that may be missed otherwise. We hope to capture the knowledge and experiences of our community by providing an online platform for you to socialize with a larger audience. Let’s make this magazine a platform where great discussions can take place.

Everyone is welcome to contribute!

Start writing for any of these categories that spark your interest:
Arts & Culture                                                   Family 
Health & Fitness                                               Travel    
Lifestyle & Fashion                                            Business & Career
Religion & Spirituality                                     Current Events

Submit your completed article or proposals to:

You can submit articles of the following types. Please adhere to the guidelines below.

How-to-Articles:  Length: 300-500 words

These articles take readers through simple steps of how something is done. You can write how-to’s on painting, home crafts, health tips, fashion tips, new gadgets, solving a Rubik’s cube or any other handy skill.

Reader to Reader: Length: 300-3000 words

These articles include product reviews, experiences, articles of general interest under one of the categories mentioned above.

Feature Articles: Length: 2000-6000 words

Write on politics, sports, community leaders and personalities, or businesses. These articles feature in-depth research and require command on the subject. With these articles you are not just showcasing your knowledge of the subject; you are exhibiting richness and effectiveness of your communication style as well.

Submission format:

 Submit documents in Microsoft Word format and in an easy to read font (for example, 12-point Arial or Times New Roman). Use plain text. Don’t include special formatting.
Submissions should include:

  • A brief biography (up to 50 words) containing your full name, city, profession etc.

  • An abstract of your proposed article.

  • Images/Graphics/Charts (We also provide images/graphics/charts).

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