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We are a small, dynamic and young team based off of Calgary and a subsidiary of Think for Actions and we are always looking to grow. If you are interested to join as a volunteer writer, photographer, graphic designer, social media manager, or marketer get in touch! You can be anywhere in the world and still be part of the team.

Have a piece of work you want to share? Thoughts on a topic that you want to relate to the world? Whether it’s an Op-Ed, a recipe, coverage of an initiative close to your heart, or a personal story, we want to hear from you. Submit your work at any time and we will review, edit, provide feedback, and publish it!

We are also always looking for new story ideas and hidden gems. Drop us a note below or email us at submit@theplatformproject.ca.

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The Platform Project

We are an online Calgary-based start up magazine providing a platform for youth and the community members. We hope to cover cool initiatives, opinions, creations, breakthroughs, ideas, successes, events, experiences, events that matter to you. Everyone is welcome to contribute! Want to write/submit your work? Email: submit@theplatformproject.ca