After many months of waiting, the once elusive “Astroworld” will be released by the genre defining Travis Scott. Amidst the birth of his daughter, Stormi, and the many other rapid life transitions that Scott has been experiencing, critics and even fans were skeptical as to whether the album would be released anytime soon. Fortunately, fans of Travis Scott, and the HipHop/Rap genre in general will be delighted to stream the album on August 3rd on platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. 

Travis Scott’s success story is one of a miracle. He began as a young, unknown artist who deceived his parents into thinking that he was enrolled in a university programming, and using all the money his parents had funded for his “education” he left to follow his dream in New York and California. Upon landing, he received a text from fellow hiphop artist,T.I., and by chance, his career took off as soon as his plane had landed.

Travis Scott’s music often is reflective of many of the hardships that he had gone through as a youth, and in-fact what makes fans so ecstatic for “Astroworld” to be released, is the fact that Scott is one of the last artists to still produce concept albums. Concept albums in its essence, are albums that follow a theme and tell a narrative from track to track. Although much of “Astroworld” remains unclear, fans can look forward to dissonant sounds, eclectic beats, and auto-tuned bellowing that Travis Scott is known for.

Editor: Sarah Saeed


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